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Consider His Love Lyrics
By Lisa Bevill

Artist: Lisa Bevill
Album: Love Of Heaven
Date: 1996
Title: Consider His Love

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A thousand thoughts run through my mind
As I watch you start to cry
And give up so easily
But I can't let you walk away
Make the same mistakes I made
Lessons learned so painfully
You can begin to live again
Find all the strength you need in Him
You can find your strength in Him

Consider His love
And let it fill you up inside
Remember His arms are there to hold you
When you need a place to hide
Through the tears in your eyes (in your eyes)
You will see a heart that's true
And always there when you consider His love

I know you're lonely and confused
Like there's nothing left to lose
And your faith just can't be found
And when you think all hope is gone
You've lost the will to carry on
And your dreams come crashing down
You can begin to live again
Remember your life is in His hands
You know your life is in His hands


It doesn't matter where you've been
His mercy never ends
So I ask you once again...


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