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Only A Savior Lyrics
By Lisa Bevill

Artist: Lisa Bevill
Album: Love Of Heaven
Date: 1996
Title: Only A Savior

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I never thought I'd see the day
There'd be nothin' I could do or say
To make a way
If I could just keep tryin'
But somewhere on a dreamless night
I lost control with all my might
No hope in sight
And heaven heard me cryin'
Knowing I had nothing left
And I could not redeem myself

When only a Savior
Could hold my broken heart together
He was reaching far enough
To take me in His arms
When only a Savior
Who loved me more than life could ever
Give me hope I never thought I'd find
Everything I needed was everything He gave
'Cause only a Savior could save

You tell yourself to take it slow
'Til you realize you're letting go
Of all you know
To cling to something better
And looking out from where I was
I began to see the God of love
Was strong enough
To carry me forever
How could I have been so blind
To ever trust these hands of mine


Save me from my weakness
When I thought that hope was lost
He offered mercy and forgiveness
As He carried my cross


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