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Everywhere Lyrics
By Michelle Tumes

Artist: Michelle Tumes
Album: Dream
Date: 2001
Title: Everywhere


When the road is too lonely, walking out in the rain
Through a faceless crowd, where no one knows your name
Remember he's with you every step of the way
Leading you through the endless maze

You can't find the forest on a hillside of trees
And you can't make sense of anything that you see
He'll sit beside you, make you understand
The last shall be first, the lame will stand

All your life
Wherever you go,
Wherever you are
He is by your side
And he's leading you through the dark

Every smile and every tear
Every hope and all your fears
Journeys reaching near or far
He will lead you like a guiding star, oh
Every night and every day
When you leave and if you stay
Closer than your beating heart
Please believe, he's everywhere you are

When you can never begin to find the end of your tears
When your heart cries loud and no one seems to hear
The river is wide, he'll take you by the hand
You'll walk on the water to dry land


Sun and rain, moonlit haze
Know that he will find you
In all your pain, loss or gain
Please believe


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