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There Goes My Love Lyrics
By Michelle Tumes

Artist: Michelle Tumes
Album: Dream
Date: 2001
Title: There Goes My Love


Way back in the month of December
Underneath the olive tree
I ran with the waves of the harbor
Washing over my memory
Sweet sounds of your voice stay forever
We were talking through the night past three
Somehow when we're far from together
Your image flashes like a TV screen

You speak and I know
My heart leaps, there goes

There goes my love again
Here goes my heart with him (beating forever)
Love will have no end
There goes my love again

Way back in the days of the summer
Looking over the sparkling sea
My mind ran to the time when I met you
Love was blind, you were clarity
I prayed for a man who understands me
Funny idiosyncrasies
I know you know I'm not perfect
Love smiles on reality

You speak and I know
My heart leaps, there goes (but I love my baby)


And now our hearts will beat in time
You see, I am yours and you are mine
This will remain with me
Keep it close inside


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