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Captured Lyrics
By Natalie Grant

Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Awaken
Date: 2005
Title: Captured


it must mean something
when i close my eyes
visions of you come to me and flood my mind
it must mean something
when my heart is true
all that i can think about is you

everywhere i go you find me
even when i run
i'm captured
im captured in you
everywhere your love surrounds me
i cannot escape
i'm captured
i'm captured in you
i'm captured

it must mean something
when i'm standing still
yours is the only voice i wanna hear
it must mean something
that i've come this far
lifting up my hands and offering my heart


you are the sky
you are the sea
you are the air i wanna breathe
you're everywhere
your love lasts forever
and if i fall
you won't let go
you hold me when i can't hold on anymore
you reach out and rescue me


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