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Home Lyrics
By Natalie Grant

Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Awaken
Date: 2005
Title: Home


you keep watching the rain come down (yeah)
pretty princess, broken crown (yeah)
and your dreams have all burned out
but don't you know that they brought you
here somehow, all you need to know is...

you're home, where secrets are told
see a new world unfolding
where hearts are one, the pain's undone
and you're finally belonging, yeah
and you need to know, you need to know
you're home

so take your coat off and stay awhile (yeah)
what made you cry can make you smile again
you can hold your head up high
'cause don't you know that you
oh, girl you were born to fly
when you realize....


welcome home
everything's gonna be alright
'cause you're home
feel the sun, your day has come
you're not alone
you're home

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