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Day Like Today Lyrics
By Out Of Eden

Artist: Out Of Eden
Album: This Is Your Life
Date: 2002
Title: Day Like Today


Woke up this morning
Jumped out of bed
Hit my head on a lampshade and the clock said
That I'm running late and I'm
rushing trying to get on my way
I get to my car and the gauge is on "e"
Get gas, and I pay a dollar ninety-three
I got stopped by the cops cause I was speeding
Eighty-nine in a fifty-five
Lord, why me

On a day like today, all has gone wrong
and my life seems crazy
Gotta hold on, smile on my face, cause
I know the sun's gonna shine my way
On a day like today, look up in the
sky and know life's so amazing
And I know I will be okay
Cause I know the sun's gonna shine my way

It's day like this there's a lesson learned
When I get up on the wrong side of the world
It's easy to dwell on my situation
instead of every good thing
(But I know I've been blessed)
I gotta say thank you
(And though there's stress)
I'm still grateful
(It's just a test)
He's more than able to see me through on a day

You know it wouldn't hurt to smile
It's not as bad as it could be
It will all work out in a while

So I just hold tight, know that everything is alright
Gotta believe I will see the light
Cause I know the sun's gonna shine my way

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