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This Is Your Life Lyrics
By Out Of Eden

Artist: Out Of Eden
Album: This Is Your Life
Date: 2002
Title: This Is Your Life


Why you sittin at home, waiting for the phone to ring
Waiting for someone to hand your dreams to you
You know you got to keep it movin
If you don't get up then you'll be losin
Don't deny, do you think it's gonna fall out the sky
Nothing's really happenin and you're wondering why
How are you going to make it if you never try
Nobody said it was gonna be easy, but
you gotta do what you gotta do
Put on your best foot and step forward
knowin that God will see you through
So when you get tired and you feel a little faint
Know somebody's watchin you and will help you on your way

This is your life
God knows what it's meant to be
Know you've got a destiny, time is now so won't you see
This is your life
No more waiting to begin, take your chance & know you'll win
You can make it in this thing called life

Somebody said you'll never make it & that's
the thought you're keeping
Don't let taht be the reason why you're sleepin'
Time is of the essence & you better believe,
that you can do anything
So get up, get up, follow your dreams
Don't you dare give up, no matter how hard it seems
You only get it once, getting by is not enough
So take a chance and live this life

Hey yeah, get up now
Hey yeah

(Oooh) I know you don't like the way things seem to be
But you can change it all so easily
Trust that God has got a plan for You to go
The way, you know, you should
So you could make it if you just believe

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