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Cry of My Heart Lyrics
By Wayne Watson

Artist: Wayne Watson
Album: Living Room
Date: 2002
Song: Cry of My Heart


I want to serve You with my whole heart
Feed the passion with Your love
You have promised me that You'll be faithful
That should be enough; that is enough
You have trusted me with this message
For the nations of the world
Set a fire in me and keep it burning
So the people know, 'til everyone has heard

It's the cry of my heart to follow You
It's the cry of my heart
I feel it deep in my soul
I want to lose control
It's the cry of my heart to follow You

Not a heart that runs away from trial
But a spirit full of power
I have waited long enough in my life
I know this is the day
I know this is the hour


Blind these eyes to everything that pulls me away
Purify my deepest desire; here and today


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