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Long Way from the Manger Lyrics
By Wayne Watson

Artist: Wayne Watson
Album: Living Room
Date: 2002
Song: Long Way from the Manger


So we've grown in the knowledge of the truth
Lotta channels on TV, people talking about You
Big guns, big opinions, big ideas
"Congratulations;look at us"
There's a lot of that around here

We've come far from our humble early days
I get this feeling we've maybe gone astray
We're a long way from the manger
From the pure, simple Divine
Long way from the innocence of the Stranger
Is this what You had in mind?

No, my heart ain't always heavy like this
There's a joy in me; I'm thankful to be His
I can't help but wonder just the same
Is this progress that we're making
Or should we maybe be ashamed?
Not an easy question and the answers disappear
Behind these mountains of pride
If anything we're going breaks
You heart or brings You tears
Before I wander any further,
give me eyes to see it clear


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