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Remember Lyrics
By Wes King

Artist: Wes King
Album: A Room Full of Stories
Date: 1997
Song: Remember

Album tracks :   

  • Simplify
  • Universe Next Door
  • Remember
  • We Thought You'd Be Here
  • Good News
  • Nineveh
  • Magnificent Defeat
  • Cover To Cover
  • Who But God
  • Grace

Oh, I never will forget
My Ebeneezer
Is the day You paid my debt
So tender
Was the way that we first met
I thought I heard the angels singing
I thought I heard my mama cry
As I walked down the aisle
And I will...

When a sea was in between
Me and where
I needed to be free
And then there
In the moment of my need
The ocean floor went dry
And You divided the sea
And saved my life

Wont' you tell me one more time
Just to be here
Is in iteself a glorious sign
And let it ease this weary mind
Every thing has worked together
There's a purpose inthe pain
These trials are not in vain

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