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Simplify Lyrics
By Wes King

Artist: Wes King
Album: A Room Full of Stories
Date: 1997
Song: Simplify

Album tracks :   

  • Simplify
  • Universe Next Door
  • Remember
  • We Thought You'd Be Here
  • Good News
  • Nineveh
  • Magnificent Defeat
  • Cover To Cover
  • Who But God
  • Grace

Should have talked it over
Should have thought it through
I think I might have bit off
A little more than I could chew
Well, I have got to get out
From underneath this weight
Or it's gonna kill me

But the shining of the silver
The glimmer of the gold
Kept giving me a fever
But left me feeling cold
I'm right back in the middle
And if I don't come out soon
Come in and get me

'Cause I keep slaying all these dragons
But more keep coming
And I keep praying for this fight to end
Uh, oh, here I go
Wading through a lot of stuff you know
Juggling it all while I'm balancing on a wire
Slow down, I have found
Seems that every time I turn around
Got one foot in the muck and another foot in the mire
Well, I'm scaling down, pulling back
Got to try
To simplify

I put my golden ring on
Unseen I went down where
War and peace collided
Inside the dragon's lair
When pleasure is your master
Convenience is your kind
Your heart's divided

I keep weighing
All these options
More keep a coming
I keep straying
From the way I'm told

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