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Beautiful Name Lyrics
By ZOEgirl

Artist: ZOEgirl
Album: With All of My Heart: The Greatest
Date: 2005
Song: Beautiful Name


Your heart I seek to find
With Your hands You fashioned mine
Let me be used by You to carry truth

To the ends of the earth
`Til everyone's heard
My mended heart will share Your words
I will tell the world that you are God

I will run - I will fly
I will live to be a sacrifice
Through it all I'll rise above
Unafraid I will face what comes
I will run - I will fly
And for my faith I'll live & die
I'll be strong - I will press on
For the sake of Your beautiful name
Your beautiful name

Should all life cease to grow
Should chaos take control
The only hope we know is You will save us

It's worth the cost to take up my cross
As You take back what's been lost
Until all who doubt know
You are God


I'm not a captive anymore
I'm gonna soar to a new place
Take on a new pace
I know what my life is for


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