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Unchangeable Lyrics
By ZOEgirl

Artist: ZOEgirl
Album: With All of My Heart: The Greatest
Date: 2005
Song: Unchangeable


Verse 1:

You said you'd never leave
You said you'd never forsake me
Time after time I see
Every little thing you do and all you say
Turns out to be for relying on
The promises to come true
Now I have brought the things
I need to love you


A faith that's unshakeable
A heart that's unbreakable
Your truth has set me free
A love that's unchangeable
A life that's unfailable
If I would just believe
It's what you gave to me

Verse 2:

With every passing day
You prove to stay the same
It's taken some time to see
I am the one who's changed
Now I will never be the same
Since you made me see
You shower me with every good thing
That I can be

(Chorus 2x)


From the moment that I first believed
I was free and now
You have given to me
Every good thing

(Chorus 2x)

A faith that's unshakeable
If I would just believe
If I would just believe

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