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Almighty Lyrics
By Vicki Yohe

Artist: Vicki Yohe
Album: I Just Want You
Date: 2003
Song: Almighty


Verse 1
Let all the earth proclaim
The glory of Your name
You are still the same, Almighty!
From the rising of the sun
Until the day is done
You?re the only one, Almighty!

Wonderful, Almighty God
The Great Eternal King
Marvelous in all Your ways
And I will sing
Your praises, Your praises
You will always be, Almighty!

Verse 2
All heaven lifts you high
The people testify
You are Adonai, Almighty!
Jehovah, Lord of all
You see the sparrow fall
You hear me when I call, Almighty!

Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace, The Solid Rock, He is like no other (repeat)
Praise? (repeat)
Praise Him? (repeat)
Praise Him, Your praises
You will always be, Almighty! (repeat)

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