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Hear My Cry Lyrics
By 38th Parallel

Artist: 38th Parallel
Album: Turn the Tides
Date: 2002
Song: Hear My Cry


Hear my cry, my face is numb Hear my cry,
my legs wonít run Hear my cry,
Iím ripping at the seems Hear my cry,
if only I could scream I can taste it,
an aching inside I can taste it,
the offspring of pride I can taste it,
Iím drowning in a flood I can taste it,
and it tastes like blood

Hear my cry, when I call your name Iíd give my life to,
touch your flame Breathe in me,
Iím free

Hear my cry,
Iím deep in debt Hear my cry,
in deep regret Hear my cry,
someone save me from me Hear my cry,
and give me back sanity


You have brought me to my knees,
And you have danced in all my dreams,
You have stepped through time and space,
And in my need you kissed my face

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