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Turn The Tides Lyrics
By 38th Parallel

Artist: 38th Parallel
Album: Turn the Tides
Date: 2002
Song: Turn The Tides


Staring at the flames as they dance
in red On the corpse of the land
And there in they’re midst are wandering
a countless unnamed Walking hand in hand

Blind leading blind aimlessly into the
quicksand’s of time where they sink
On the brink of eternity cold and
alone I shrink At the festering obscene
corruption And my silence in the face of
this mass destruction

All rise, abandon your shadows
and cut ties to your selfish pride
Fix your eyes on the sun Get burned
on the in side and turn these tides

Closed minds ill equipped to deal with
this madness Hearts far to hard to challenge
a sadness that’s draining The soul of a
generation Blanketed with tears are faces of nations


Everyone laughs, everyone cries,
everyone lives Everyone dies and in between
they crawl Through stagnate realities longing to fly

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