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Wither Lyrics
By 38th Parallel

Artist: 38th Parallel
Album: Turn the Tides
Date: 2002
Song: Wither


Forward he marches through scornful
laughter Undaunted eyes set on hopes
of here after A gauntlet of piercing
stares line his way And condemning

glares say all hate can say As he
strides ever on steps In time with his
hearts rhythm and rhyme to the end of
his day Forevers seductive smile
shatters sense And bids him acquiesce
from this solitary life

But we dont see, weve made ourselves
blind And we dont care, weve closed
our minds And we dont move, were
so paralyzed

As we sit in heartlessness watching
him die Dead to immunity, dead to society
Fearing the slow decay of dignity the
posterchild For walking deadmen longs
for the now to be way back when


And I see him everyday along his road
Fading away manifest in the downcast,
Recluse and outcast lepers of this age
The innocent incaged by paranoid,

misinformed minds Enter the champions
of love (so called) singing loud Grinning
as they spit out their words So proud are
the hearts u nmoved by songs and ideals?
Wading through the rhetoric to clutch
something real

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