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Can't Take It Away Lyrics
By DJ Maj

Artist: DJ Maj
Album: Boogiroot
Date: 2005
Title: Can't Take It Away


So thinking back on it all, itís like
Itís a beautiful thing, letís go
Yo they canít take it away
Form, they canít take it away
TobyMac they canít take it away
Maj they canít take it away
No they canít take it away
No they canít take it away

It seems I was oblivious to it
I didnít see you lurking in the shadows
One would think the close calls woulda gave you away
But I was stuck in two feet shallow
I saw the footprints and then
Naah, it couldnít have been him
I wasnít the type of cat to pray
Perhaps Iíll chalk it up as coincidence
And commence to be my on my way
What makes a bad boy leave his stash cold turkey
And make vanity retreat from purple streets
I guess your rep is really opposite ruthless
You even walked the windy city with Mr. West itís like

What we got (to my people all over the world)
They canít take it away
They canít take it away
No way, no way
(Repeat 1x)

Some wish to rewind the hands of time
And erase every mistake made
Others wish to discover the true meaning of life
A mystery through out the ages
Some say that you canít exist, nah
How can it be when the very air we breathe
Is evidence we all have the capacity to believe
Without seeing a thing
What made the Passion such a blast
When so many peers left the theaters on the verge of tears
May be your storyís not all that impossible
Itís the fact you bring healing beyond the hospital and thatís why

So it doesnít really matter what comes my way
Here to shake up the world thatís why I pray
Spread love and let the Son shine bright all day
They canít take it away, canít take it away
And if my heart beat stops pace tonight
Iím waking up and staring God in the face alright
So if you feel me get your hands in outta space so high
They canít take it away

Yo DJ Maj I got your back on this track for fact
And if itís me and you or you and me the deck be stack
So tell me why they gotta try and go and do us like that
Donít they know they canít take it away
Ainít no robbing this joy ainít no stealing this peace
Ainít no taking our faith as we drop to our knees
They can take it all everything we possess
But they canít take belief from down deep in our chest I rest
Our Father who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy name
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in heaven

No Maj (what) they canít take a thing
(Sing your song Mac what)
They canít take a thing away no
Africa they canít take it away
India they canít take it away
Arabia they canít take it away
Israel they canít take it away

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