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Rhyme Pocket Interlude Lyrics
By DJ Maj

Artist: DJ Maj
Album: Boogiroot
Date: 2005
Title: Rhyme Pocket Interlude


Oh you think I forgot right?
Nah man he just got back from South Africa
Cape Town Joíburgh Verbs
Rhyme pocket

LookĖthis is for the cars and whips that go boom boom
Itís super sonic thunder clap cold comet the truth
Served ingredients on plate tectonics
We rock authentic talk hi fi with the phonics
Let cruise the weather waves cities and zip codes
The word embedded plays fill voids and flip modes
Itís good to get it while the getting is good
Cause all these gangsta cookies made a tooth ache in the hood
So take a step or keep complaining but the answer stays the same
Pick a question off the board Christ will fit in the frame
That alone spans the globe itís a love so romantic
Deeper than oceanics pulls you up out of your antics and then
Uncle Maj a fantastic friend with theme music take a listen
BoogiRoot inside the system
Adjust the volume if you canít hear it clearly
Mr. Verbs grinding it down for the grown work theory
Ainít going no where man

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