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Up All Nite Lyrics
By DJ Maj

Artist: DJ Maj
Album: Boogiroot
Date: 2005
Title: Up All Nite


Right right right right up all night
It is I, Sharlok P with my mic device
Requesting you put it down if you ainít rocking it right
Believe the hype Iím nice itís confidence not conceit
At my best every time that Iím given a little beat
Itís like woo hoo sweet to my soul
Good to be alive and recognized high globe
On top of the game with the fame unique
LAS with every breath you speak
So where oh where would I be without my little turntable
(Aw aw aw) Man Iím living in the city where culture is on pause
And if you canít strum a guitar you ainít a star
No hating the kid grew up in a band brat
In the brass section like the oneís on track
So rock skate roll bounce the Sonís coming up
Are you prepared for the love

Itís for the skaters and rhyme sayers (right)
The rock climbers and b ball players (right)
Video game freaks bringing heat (right)
Computer geeks staying up all night
To all the people with fresh kicks (right)
To everyone who went and copped this (right)
LA Symphony with the FistPic (right)
Weíre making hits staying up all night

Simple and plain in the name of fame shoot for the stars
We raise the bar in other words weíre making it hard
Inter the yard weíre taking over step by step tour the world abroad
While other crews they slept
Mic in fist screaming at the top of my lungs who want some
Because Iím way far from done
Wave your ones put a finger in the sky for unity
Sharlok Poems Flynn and Maj a thing of beauty
Whereís the love (here) whereís the passion
Right about now itís in my tracks and my rapping
I never doubt it no I never stop
100% relevant hip hop
No itís not a plug itís my number 1 motive
Put a grin on your face and through the song you hold it
(Bring it back) Bring it back come rewind
Then play it again at least another hundred times

This is for my homeboys and home girls
Banging this loud and in their own world
Moving to the beat of their own drum
Getting nothing done staying up all night

Let the rhythm hit them high
Let the rhythm hit them low
Feel the bass line travel and shake the whole globe
Like to hear it? Hear it come turn up your stereo
If you driving put your car in park and let the drums roll
Open your trunk let me see what you got
I wanna spit a little something thatíll shake your block
Yeah Iím a spinna (ok) but enough already
See my people keep forgetting that I donít do weddings
Birthday parties, bar mitzvah or Christmas and THE NAMEíS MAJ
So please get it right mista
What a relief, enough said okay
Be on the look part 2 BoogiRoot mix tape

To the breakers and the beat breakers (right)
To the DJs and innovators (right)
Working hard now and chilling later (right)
Creating bangers staying up all night

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