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Everybody Else But Me Lyrics
By Don Francisco

Artist: Don Francisco
Album: Beautiful To Me
Date: 2002
Title: Everybody Else But Me


Way back there in Jesus' time; the Pharisees walked so proud
They thought that they had the way to God; they prayed their prayers out loud
But Jesus said they had hell to pay; for the pretense and the games they'd play
I'm glad that's not like us today; we wouldn't act like that

Everybody else but me, Everybody else but me
He was talking to the hypocrite and pharisee
Everybody else but me

I went to church one day last month, the preacher he preached real good
Talked about 'true' commitment; New Testament brotherhood
Talked about watching the things we say; the gossip that can wound and slay
I sure wish Joe had been there that day; cause he really needed to hear it

When Jesus made disciples; he told them what they had to do
He said take up your cross and follow me; deny yourself and you'll be free
But he ment those guys back in Galilee; that was just for them back then

Everybody else but me; everybody else but me
He was talking to those people back in Galilee
Anybody else but me

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