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It Ain't No Sin To Get The Blues Lyrics
By Don Francisco

Artist: Don Francisco
Album: Beautiful To Me
Date: 2002
Title: It Ain't No Sin To Get The Blues


Some people when they meet you
Wear a manufactured smile
You can't tell if they're really happy
Or just tryin to be in style
It's like somebody told 'em
Only sinners ever frown
But when you're really hurtin'
It ain't no crime for feelin' down

No obedience that means sufferin'
And to some that may be news
Jesus paid our lifetime membership
But you still gotta pay some dues
So when Job's comforters surround you
And your prayers all seem refused
Don't you lie about your troubles
It ain't no sin to get the blues


Now some folks dig self-pity
But others make it clear
That if it were pos'ble
They'd rewrite the Epistles and the Gospels
So that nobody, nobody, ever
Had to shed a tear

Everybody's got to suffer sometime
We all got to work out our salvation on our own
Jesus never told you pain would never get a hold of you
He said "I'll never leave you all alone"
So when you feel those tears start rollin'
Don't you get yourself confused
He'll dry your tears if you just cry 'em
It ain't no sin to get the blues

Now you can say you're doin' fine
Say there's nothin' on your mind
Denounce it and deny it
Stick you head down in the sand
Try and make out like your Superman
But ain't nobody, nobody
Really gonna buy it

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