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Still Your Soul In Silence Lyrics
By Don Francisco

Artist: Don Francisco
Album: Beautiful To Me
Date: 2002
Title: Still Your Soul In Silence


In the lives of those that follow there is going to come a time
When rhythm starts to stumble and singsong swallows rhyme
When imaginations crumble, false foundations turn to dust
Towers fall to piles of stones and girders into rust
Til you let the blood of Jesus wash the rubble from your mind
And your eyes again can see the one you almost left behind
When theology's in tatters and reason is absurd
Still your soul in silence and listen for His word
So many turns, so many ways, so many voices cry
Standing at the crossroads watching time go flashing by
Indecision paralyzes, it's the fear of choosing wrong
But waiting is a step itself, and your wondering too long
So again you search the scripture, and again you ask your friends
But last of all the One who knows the beginning from the end
In the clamor and confusion and the blindness of your choice
Still your soul in silence, and listen for His voice

Rome is full of ruins, Babylon is gone
The temple's just a memory that some still dwell upon
But deep within a place that sword and veil had once denied
A tree of life is growing, living waters flow beside
Far beyond all human reason and words upon a page
His glory lightens all who fret their hour upon this stage
To know Him is our freedom, to hear Him is release
To fix your heart and soul on Him is rest and perfect peace

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