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Desperate Lyrics
By Joy Williams

Artist: Joy Williams
Album: By Surprise
Date: 2002
Title: Desperate


Donít go, Iím a homesick child
Just stay and talk to me
Even if itís just for a while
Oh, Iím afraid of the dark
But You are the light
Stay by my side
Lord, without YouÖ

I get a little desperate
Reaching out for Your love
I get desperate
To feel Your touch from above
I get desperate
Far away just wonít do
Iím hopelessly, honestly, constantly
Desperate for You

Oh Lord, when You hung on that tree
You showed once and for all
That You were desperate for me
And I know Youíll be coming back soon
I hope time will fly, Iíll survive
But in the meantimeÖ


Donít know what I did before You
Never really lived before You
But I want You to know that IÖ


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