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Every Day Lyrics
By Joy Williams

Artist: Joy Williams
Album: By Surprise
Date: 2002
Title: Every Day


Sometimes life is like a roller coaster
Flying away
I get caught up simply just surviving
From day to day

But in the midst of all the lists to do
I need some help to change my point of view

Every day Iím giving You everything
Every thought, every word, every song I sing
It ainít no matter what life may bring
I lay it down
Everyday You make sense of me in the midst of my insanity
Give me hope, give me love, give me strength, make me free
Every day of my life

If I love You with my heart, my soul, my mind
Then my life has found a new direction
It was never mine
ĎCause when my heart is truly fixed on You
I find meaning in the things I do


Not simply just surviving
Thereís so much more Iím finding
Than living life so blinded and confused
ĎCause where I find my freedom is serving at Godís feet and
Iím listening, searching, just waiting, working
Every, every day


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