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Love of the Lord Endures Lyrics
By Joy Williams

Artist: Joy Williams
Album: By Surprise
Date: 2002
Title: Love of the Lord Endures


In all that I have found
Your evidence abounds
Iíve always sensed Your fingerprints
If I just look around

And yet this grand display
Will all soon pass away
So I hold on to the mighty truth
That Your love is here to stay

The love of the Lord endures
The love of the Lord endures
If thereís one thing I can be sure
Itís that the love of the Lord endures

Life has let me down
In wealth, joy canít be found
Iíve searched for peace in all of these
But I have always found


When I stumble
When I fall
When Iím walking ten feet tall
Your love is there day after day
Even at the worst extreme
Or after I have been redeemed
Your love is there
And it wonít let me go


Forever, forever

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