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Blind Side Lyrics
By Susan Ashton

Artist: Susan Ashton
Song: Blind Side


I said I'd never let that hungry wolf come
And blow this house down
But I left myself unguarded
I said I'd never let the tempter of my heart
Come back around
But now look at what I've started
I've unlocked a box of confusion
I've lost all my reason.

Clear to the left, clear to the right
Without a sound it came around
Hit me on the blind side
Look to the front, look to the back
Down for the count, I'll tell you how
Hit me on the blind side
And though I could see
The truth staring right at me
Well I did not ready myself
For the blind side.

So I went walking through
The garden of temptation unaware
And I tasted what I wanted
Not looking for the subtle warnings
That might be hidden there
And I barreled through undaunted
Oh, I was seduced by a craving
That left me defenseless.

Not going the whole way
A little bit here, a little more there
I was short on self denial...

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