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Crooked Man Lyrics
By Susan Ashton

Artist: Susan Ashton
Song: Crooked Man


So cold, touch his heart and there's a chance you could freeze
Steel soul, keep your distance or be ready to bleed
He was good at the bait and hook
He was really good at push and shove
He believed in "whatever it took"
And whatever it took, it was never enough.

Well there was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile
Lived a crooked life behind a crooked smile
Goodness, like an arrow, lodges where it can
But it never pierces the heart of a crooked man.

Justify, when justice wouldn't pay the toll
Subtle lies, when the truth was better half than whole
Driven by an insatiable lust
For power that was just out of reach
Living on an illusion of trust
With a steady dose of control and greed.

Some life, nobody came to say goodbye
Slow ride, for the author of his own demise
No one had much good to say
Some were glad that he was finally gone
His legacy was cold and gray
Like the mocking words that were carved in stone...

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