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Closer Lyrics
By Susan Ashton

Artist: Susan Ashton
Song: Closer


It's just me and you and the man in the moon shinin' down
A blanket of stars up above and a quilt on the ground
I've waited so long to get you all alone in the dark
I just want to hold you till I feel the beat of your heart

I wanna get closer closer
Closer than moonlight that your body's wrapped in tonight yeah
Closer to heaven than I've ever been in my life
Before the night's over I wanna get closer

My two aching arms have been longing to hold you this way
These lips have been praying that I'd find the right words to say
I don't want to own you or try to control how you feel
I want you to need me believe me this feeling is real

I wanna get closer closer...
[ guitar ]
Oh closer than moonlight...
Before the night's over I wanna get closer

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