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He Is The One Lyrics
By Wes King

Artist: Wes King
Album: Common Creed
Date: 1995
Song: He Is The One


In the days of Moses and Abraham
They looked to the future
And to the promised land
They looked for a savior
They longed for a Messiah
They prayed for deliverance from the hands of man
Their faith was counted as righteousness to them
It was a faith in the One who was to come

He's the One
The One who was to come
He's the One
Yeah, well He is the One who came
He's the One
He is the One who shall return
He is the One

In the days of Augustus
In the fullness of time
They saw the fulfillment of a holy design
He was born of a virgin
She was blessed among women
He was the cup of redemption
He was a light divine
He brought salvation and healing in His hands
To all who believe He was the One that God had sent


He is the Alpha Omega
Lamb that was slain
He is the lion of the tribe of Judah
He shall return again and claim His own for Himself
And the glory of God forever


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