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Hold On Lyrics
By Wes King

Artist: Wes King
Album: Common Creed
Date: 1995
Song: Hold On


Making your way through this life and all its obstacles
Can get treacherous
Fighting the fight with weapons not of flesh and blood
Can get dangerous
Stand the ground that you've been given
In this crazy world we live in

Hold on
Just remember your hope lies in the One
Who gave us His Son
Press on
You are one of His own
Take His hand
It's there for you
Hold on

Losing your strength
When the weight of this world comes crashing down
Telling you to forget that the work that God has done
Is strength enough to get you through
When your heart is weak and burdened
When your soul is so uncertain


The day will come
At the end of our race
He'll call us home
We will see His face


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