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Lazarus Lyrics
By Wes King

Artist: Wes King
Album: Common Creed
Date: 1995
Song: Lazarus


Martha told Him
"You're four days late
If You had been here he'd still be alive"
Jesus told her
"I am the Life
He who believes in me shall never die"
Then He shouted and said
"Lazarus, come forth"
And Lazarus rose from the grave

There's a little Lazarus in all of us
Come on, let is rise, let it rise
Can't you hear Him
He is calling us to come outside
Come outside

Paralyzed by hopeless shame
It's been a while since you've felt alive
Wrapped in grave clothes and fine perfume
But it can't hide the death you feel inside
But Jesus calls out your name
Calling you forth
"Come out of that tomb of shame"


Once I was on the other side
The way across was just to wide
But I've been brought from death to life
His voice has crossed the great divide


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