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I Love How You Love Me Lyrics
By Erin O'Donnell

Artist: Erin O'Donnell
Album: Wide Wide World
Date: 2003
Title: I Love How You Love Me


I prayed for wisdom
And you gave me time
I wait here impatiently
For your will not mine

Iím burning for purpose
Still iím undefined
Slowly i give in to you
Slowly you refine

Through it all you never leave my side

You just love me that way that you do
You just love me because you\'re you
Well, you watch me get restless
And come to my senses
Then lift me and carry me through
I love how you love me, I do

Nothing coming quickly
Your lessons last for days
Like a map with no direction
And a sign that says \"one way\"
You take me to a foreign town where i donít know the roads
Then wait for me to call on you to find my way back home

But this is where you teach me how to trust


You wait for me to call on you to find my way back home.....

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