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This Is My Prayer Lyrics
By Erin O'Donnell

Artist: Erin O'Donnell
Album: Wide Wide World
Date: 2003
Title: This Is My Prayer


May the sun wake you everyday
With sacred words and time to pray
And listen to your life

Embrace each season as it comes
Always remember where you come from
Giving thanks to God

May you learn to just let go
And leave it in His hands
Find some peace down every road

I know, I know, I know
That you wonder what your tomorrows hold
But I know, I know, I know
God will never leave you alone
Heíll be there
This is my prayer

That you find friends that you can trust
Donít be afraid to fall in love
'Cause love is the one thing

Thatís sure as the stars are gonna shine
Donít ever leave your dreams behind
Stand up for what you believe

Take the time to see that good
Itís everywhere
Find your passion, live in truth


As I breathe the air
I send this prayer
To God above
That you know that you are loved

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