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To Be Loved Lyrics
By Erin O'Donnell

Artist: Erin O'Donnell
Album: Wide Wide World
Date: 2003
Title: To Be Loved


We might not know if it has a name
We might call it circumstance
We might try to look the other way
We might think itís accident

Itís a wound--itís a sting
Itís a finger with a string
Itís a song with no words that we know
Itís a mist--itís a dream
Itís a faded memory
And we want it bad
We want it bad

To be here
To be now
To be open to the truth
To be held
To be seen
To be heard
To be faith
To be hope
And greatest gift of all--
To be loved--all we really want is
To be loved

We might call it the price of growing up
We might think itís fairytale
We might try to medicate the ache
We might think weíre all alone

Itís a name we canít speak
Itís a stranger on the street
Itís a hope in the things not seen
Itís a peace that we crave
Itís the thing for which weíre made
And we want it bad
We want it bad


We find no rest until we rest in You
We cling to our stubbornness
We let go of what we never had
To find our way to You

ĎCause we hurt and we bleed
In our brokenness and need
And weíre scared to come in too close
But Your love has a way
Of invading every space
And we want it bad
We want it bad

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