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You Knew Lyrics
By Erin O'Donnell

Artist: Erin O'Donnell
Album: Wide Wide World
Date: 2003
Title: You Knew


Somethingís tearing open in the atmosphere
A hurting that can never come undone
Someone who was here is now gone for good
And I am wondering how to carry on

But you are not surprised
You are not afraid of what I canít get my head around
You were standing by and...

You knew what the future held
That nowís the time I have to face the thing I fear the most
And you knew that life would knock me down
But you would break my fall and get me to
the place where I could say
That although I canít see what you do, you knew

The sky is black and time feels like itís standing still
And I donít think I want to see the world
All I have to lean on is what You have done
But sometimes that feels like another life

ĎCause you are not a man
That I might know your mind or how it is youíre changing me
Itís hard to understand that...


This is not the end
You donít leave a single thing undone
My comfort is in knowing you knew

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