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All Around the World Lyrics
By Souljahz

Artist: Souljahz
Album: The Fault Is History
Date: 2002
Song: All Around the World

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Were here to let you know no matterwhere you go
The language of love is spoken all around the world.
Open up your eyes, let God change your mind
As everybody unites all around the world.
C'mon and dance with me move ya hands with me
Erase the colors of hate all around the world
Don't let the snake get ya just let the world hit ya
And take the sword with ya all around the world
We could hould hands and pray put a smile on your face.
'Cause you don't never know you could be gone today
You could be gone today.

Lets join hand and sing this all around the world
Here's your chance, c'mon every boy and girl
Lets unite around the world God made us all to love each other
C'mon everyone, everyone, everyone all around the world.

Were here to make you see, how it's supposed to be
With all the love inside we don't know how to share it no, no
Open up your heart make a brand new start
Join the fiesta goin'down all around the world
We the Souljahz thought I told ya
Yo do ya thisle don't wait for no one to show ya
Get up and dance this is your chance do your thing yo
Watch out for Juanbertos cause it might give you El Nino
Put a smile on your face get your word and read
Tomorrow's never guaranted you could be
gone today You good be gone today

Hold up wait a minute let me get up in it
I bet yŠll never thought we'd do it well gues
what we did it
The Latin remix I flow in espanol like
"Mi amigo donde esta el bano"
Yo, yo, yo, I told yŠll not to turn it up
YŠll invited the Souljahz and now we gonna burn it up
This is for me amigo this is for my chicas
For all of yŠll tossin'back the Horchata on the weekends!
Havana, Cuba, Japan, Jamaica, Brazil and France
Papua New Guinea South Africa Fiji
North America, South America
Yo Puerto Rico ho! yo Puerto Rico


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