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The Anthem Lyrics
By Souljahz

Artist: Souljahz
Album: The Fault Is History
Date: 2002
Song: The Anthem

Album tracks :   


I'ma start with the definition of real hip hop and true raps
Expressin' yo inner soul and beliefs through 4 ADAT's
Or should I say 32 tracks of inner artifacts my cardiac
And perhaps it snaps my back if I don't cut it some slack
Release the spirit that be spittin' these lyrics you can't react
There is no come back for those who come wack
Leave you shook with a hook from the Holy book for combat
Now what, you wanna battle me, it's ain't what it seems
You ain't up against the odds of me,
you up against the odds of the
Most high Supreme Being, you took a
turn for the worst and got cursed
You mess with a child of Jah, you deal with God first
Around the earth and sea

Never fake or underestimate the power of the enemy
'Cause just when you think you got the devil out yo vicinity
He snipes you from the roof and takes you
out like he did Kennedy
And splatters your dreams all over the wall
and laugh as you fall
And in the mist of it all, he got the gall to say 'No Hope'
So to cope you call a psychic and review your horoscope
You know what I call a horoscope? Exactly what it means
A scope into the horror of reality's bad dreams
They make it out to be what it doesn't seem
Just to change it back to what it is, nothing' but lies kid

Where all my real live Souljahz at? (Right here)
Where all my hip hop Souljahz at? (Right here)
Then where my true Souljahz at? (Right here)
Now just throw yo hands way up in the air
And wave 'em all around like you just don't care
And if you here to get down lemme here ya
say 'Ahh yeah'
(Ahh yeah)

You be feelin' it deep in yo soul
Tryna' deny that yo peachy world done lost control
We live and die in the dust that we came from
No matter where every body sing the same song; we al brothers
And when you hear the missiles soar, you hit
the floor like 'War, War'
Still can't find out what it''s good for
Absolutely nothin' we killin' like we
cannibals, runnin' over somethin'
You life's a never-ending story runnin' from the nothin'
Don't say I didn't warm you when you see it comin'
Hell fire brimstone, takin' you home
Came from dust went to flesh tone, and now you gone
Back to dust so in God we trust, get one the bus
Before you leave here you never know when your time is up
Like the night yo clock strikes 12

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