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Beneath the Surface Lyrics
By Souljahz

Artist: Souljahz
Album: The Fault Is History
Date: 2002
Song: Beneath the Surface

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Why do you hit me?
You know I ain't your punchin' bag
Since when do thorns try to hurt the roses?
And why are you always mad?
I'm so innocent, and you're so ignorant
Raise your fist hit or miss
Try to take my happiness
Well that ain't happenin' to me no more

Cause I, I, I found a loving father
And I, I, I'm gonna fly away
To a place where I can smile and cry
Cause I know I'm gonna make it today yeah
Said I know I'm gonna make it today

I woke up this mornin'
As I wiped the sleep from my eyes
Got a reall good feelin' yeah
For the first time I had no reason to cry
So I said my Father Lord thanks for the changin'
my life
Lord thanks for holdin' me showing what real
love is like
Cause you're so true to me
So I try to be true to you
You love me when no one even carred for me

So I can face the rain and smile again

What's the bottle for, and why are you so mad?
I thought that mama said you're supposed to
be our loving dad
But alcohol done took control of your life
Now you do the same and try to take control
of your wife and kids
So I'm gon' speak up cause they can't face their fears
Take a look in the mirror, MJ says change
your ways to see clearer
God says there's always a way out
Ain't no temptation that ain't played out
Since the beginnin' of time Satan's been
roamin' the earth
Trying to tempt the weak willed to hate and hurt
And since sins birth, I know you're lives been hard
You need to stop beating us and start beating
your problems
So today is when we stop the hurt
Get up its 10 o' clock yo we're goin' to church


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