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The Color Hate Lyrics
By Souljahz

Artist: Souljahz
Album: The Fault Is History
Date: 2002
Song: The Color Hate

Album tracks :   


We all talk, we alk walk, we all do the things we want
We're so powerful we say, so why can't we stop the hate
So come on, tell me how to get to the place
where all the color lines fade away

Things ain't always what it seems, Martin Luther King
Said it and while you hate you regret it
But the world will never change until you openly admit it
Yo, what about the great American dream
where all men are created equal
Was that a twisted plot for the sequel?
Sewing seeds of hate so that your kids inherit evil
And the wonder why your peachy
neighborhood ins't so peaceful
Ooh, let feedom ring
And shake the entire being of America's dream
Let it ring from montaintops to vallay lows
My rally grows stronger with my hunger
For this land of the free, home of the brave
Mentally enslaved, we lost everything that
our forefathers gained
Pain? My race still decides it
As states we're united and by hate we're divided


I ain't the first to paint this picture,
reminisce on how my situation
Done got me thinkin' clear, oh my dear, baby
I'm sick of tryin' lately, yall see me cryin' it's crazy
I thought we made it far from here. Oh, Oh, Oh No
Forgive them Father for they don't know their
problem's gone
Deeper than my skin, became king of the hole above their chin
Don't tell me nothin' 'cause I don't wanna hear it
God judges through your spirit, don't let your hate
See my color and dig my grave again


Many have died; their very lives a living sacrifice
But they all remembered, they all
remembered, yeah, yeah
Instead of walkin' lets march, instead of
words lets speak heart
Who needs the sunlight, when freedom reigns?

Yo, she was such a dignified child
It been a long while since she seen a
stranger smile
Just moved to New York and they all hate her
'cause she can dance
Who ever said havin' rhythm means you gotta be tan
She was taught to be colorblind but her ears could hear

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