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True Love Waits Lyrics
By Souljahz

Artist: Souljahz
Album: The Fault Is History
Date: 2002
Song: True Love Waits

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You've walked this road so many times
And you swore you knew your way
But now you're looking in persuasive eyes
And you don't know what to say
When he tells you he loves you
WHen he tells you he needs you
When he says it feels so right it can't be
When he says it's the right time
That every things gonna be just fine
Still you know where your heart belongs
So believe that

True love waits don't let anyone change your
Look em all straight in the face
And tell em, No matter what I'll remain
the same
Don't waht to be deceived
See I've found the key can't you see that I
believe, I believe
That true love waits for me, waits for me

You've told your self you've been here before
You see her face and then you open the door

Now its up to you so whatcha gonna do?
You love her with a smile then you love her
with a kiss
Some how you both knew that it would come
to this
Is it really worth it?
When she tells you she loves you
When she tells you she needs you
But in your heart you still believe


And true love would say, "I'll meet you there
if you'll wait"
And true love would say, would say,
"If you wait for me I'll wait for you my love,
my love"
Ture love waits and you gotta keep the faith
With God you're gonna stay strong
WIth hope you're gonna carry on


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